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Vizient Staff


Take the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.  Join us in hosting Vizient’s 2023 Connection Summit at the Las Vegas Wynn Hotel. The summit assembles the best leaders, suppliers, and organizations in patient care to connect on a deeper level and explore the extraordinary possibilities in our industry.

We need your help in accomplishing our goal to build connections that lead to solutions. 


Attendance is invite-only through an approval process at Vizient, and if you are identified to attend, you will be part of the success of our event. You will have important opportunities to connect our audiences, facilitate meetings, and be a part of a larger goal to foster invaluable conversations centered around patient care.

If you register without receiving approval your registration may be cancelled. If you have questions surrounding the staff approval process, please contact us. 


No staff should arrive prior to Monday. Connect with your manager to determine appropriate arrival and departure dates based on your obligations at the summit.

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