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Join us LIVE for the first time in almost two years as we (re)capture the exhilaration of uniting as one industry. Together. We are better.

While 2020 proved to be one of the most challenging for every industry on the planet, health care clearly took center stage. Your dedication and unwavering willingness to SERVE the people of our communities delivered us through difficult times into a new day, one of optimism and expectation.

In 2021 Vizient believes it is time to seize the moment for a truly unique summit.  To reconnect the many faces of our valued members, suppliers and Vizient staff.  To spark new relationships, learn from your unique experiences and pay RESPECT to the dedicated service of those who define the art of health care.

Together we can INSPIRE each other as we choose to fearlessly venture forward into uncharted tomorrows.

A very special thank you to our sponsors, who entrusted us with not only their funds, but a continued commitment to partner with Vizient to provide funding that makes the summit possible. 

We understand that some attendees may still require a virtual summit option through 2021 and we will continue to offer a virtual experience for those that cannot attend in-person.  When registering you may select the in-person or virtual option for attending the summit.


It's all about education

Member content is member-sourced, member-focused, member-presented, and is directed toward the innovative perspectives gained through Vizient expert insights, unparalleled data and customized strategies that help members deliver on their missions to improve the health of their communities. Additionally, poster presentations will offer fascinating case studies with content experts available to answer your questions.  Most all the educational sessions offer CEU credits.

At the supplier sessions: hear market insights and current trends from experts at Sg2 then dive into critical topics like systems of care, growth and sustainability, supply chain, reliability and more.

Education Sessions